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My PROFILING offers precise and development-driven solutions for the

individual needs. In keeping with the context, clear, sustainable and in particular

to achieve authentic results, the following aspects are trend-setting:


As a profiler, I am not dependent on the information of the participants,
but by my methodology I have an optimal overall view of every detail!


I work basically discreet and trustworthy in the background and give from me and without
Agreement / without the specific request no information about a cooperation to the outside.


Working with me sharpens the view on the human nature, strengthens the
Instinct and emphasizes the inner understanding of values (100% sustainable).

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Profiling Business



My BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT pursues a strategic, competent and sincere decision-making. Here we clarify who bears and takes over which responsibilities. Dynamics are made visible and determine from which people a team has to put together exactly in order to act successfully and constructively.


The core topic in the cooperation with me is the examination of the sustainability and the identification with the set goal and its realistic and contemporary feasibility.


Besides the values ​​and the culture (see also SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT)

for the common work process and the aspired Organizational

Development these Key Words are essential:




My approach is basically to the client and its needs aligned. I start my work there, where it makes sense. There are no ready-made systems or templates.

Each concept is customized to the need and the wishes aligned and created by me.



get. your. business. profile.

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My SPORTS DEVELOPMENT focuses not only on the generational change

and role models, but also on the potential of an athlete or team.


In order to achieve effective visible and measurable performance

it is necessary to mobilize motivation through a targeted and
personal analysis of mentality and responsiveness.


To optimize the success and the performance I consider these basics:



A fundamental aspect of working with me is effective BODY LANGUAGE TRAINING and learning NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. This includes, for example the decoding of the transmitting and receiving signals and anticipatory action

through the increased knowledge of the intended next steps of the opponent.

Internal / external, conscious / unconscious, intention / attachment.


Future-oriented is also indispensable the sustainable solution finding, as well as the "translation" and clarification of communication problems on the topics:




A popular topic in professional sports is the HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON. Highly talented athletes, who are particularly strong in the sense perception and thereby show a genius that is second to none. However, this is accompanied by an appropriate way of delivering instructions, which leads to full performance.
This requires unconfined elusidation and consciousness creation.

More information on this topic in my category SENSITIVE DEVELOPMENT.


The advantage of my profiling is the fast result achieved by pure observation, without tearing the participants for many discussions from their interactions.

The biggest part of my doing happens "By the way" and affects neither the
routine nor any procedures. The analysis includes (if relevant), in addition to
the athletes / team in question, the enhanced and influential environment.

get. your. sports. profile.

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My BRAND DEVELOPMENT makes visible the unique selling points (USP)

of personalities and organizations from the inside out outwardly and

produces instantly real credibility.

To make your own brand unmistakable and sustainable stock,

the following prerequisites are indispensable:     




Classic unique selling propositions are special features such as a particularly

high quality, a special topic, a special talent, a high level of commitment,

unique characteristics, acquired content of importance and absolutely

sustainable visions for people and nature that are of social interest.


For the transport of values, contents and crucial topics, which we have determined in our cooperation is my expertise in NONVERBALE COMMUNICATION of considerable benefit and strengthens the sincere and targeted communication strategy.


A significant ADD ON is the corresponding SOCIAL MEDIA appearance.
My stratetic rules of nonverbal communication as well as the Addressing

to the target audience and the timing of posting makes an ideal
transmitter and receiver oriented COMMUNICATION CONCEPT.

As a target group, we jointly define THE customers, cooperation

partners, Companions and partners, who give the best possible match.



Each concept, whether personal or organizational, is customized according

to the expected output and adapted to circumstances, wishes and needs.

get. your. brand. profile.

individuals. team. company.




My SENSITIVE DEVELOPMENT aims at the best individually and
optimal stabilizing performance, motivation, productivity and
balance for the talented (HIGHLY) SENSITIVE PERSON- (H)SP.


The conditioning-related feature (HIGH) SENSITIVITY is a total package

with light and shadow sides. The accompanying qualifications and talents

are faced with limitations and burdens, depending on the circumstances,

the current request, the specific project and personal goals.


If an (H)SP is under pressure due to external circumstances or internal

conflicts, the center will waver and both the usual performance and

the general well-being will be noticeably reduced or completely lost.


There is too little general communication about the (HIGH) SENSITIVE

perception, and those affected are not aware that their condition,

overstimulation/ overstrain, the drop in motivation and lack of

well-being can be generally and quickly clarified in terms of content.


It is noticeable that in high-performance occupational fields, such as in

professional sports and at management level, the male sex very often

experiences little or no acceptance of high sensitivity. This is considered inadequate, is simply rejected or ignored and is a social taboo topic.


It is very realistic that by identifying the relevant characters in cooperation with me most psychosomatic illnesses, depression and even suicides can be prevented.


Awareness of the particularities of (HIGHLY) SENSITIVE people and of the

benefits that the entire private and professional environment can benefit from,

once the way of life and work has been adapted accordingly, is one of the

most successful and meaningful tasks that I have so far devoted myself to.


I myself belong to the people who are (HIGHLY) SENSITIVE, have just

such wonderfully special people in my immediate environment and

know exactly what challenges they face and how to face them.


It starts at birth and never ends. Everywhere talent and genius vanish by disregarding individual needs and needs. Everyone knows somebody.


I identify, clarify and advise specifically.

Individually, in lectures and workshops.


get. your. sensitive. profile.

individuals. team. company.

Profiling Travel



For me personally, it is a particularly big concern and a journey into

a future worth living, my attitude towards CLIMATE PROTECTION

and HUMANITY clearly represent, live and advise accordingly.


I am offering different variants for companies, clubs, organizations,

agencies, teams and individuals to find their own kind of way of

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY which are based on the following principles:



Basically, everything that is considered to be desirable, enriching, useful

and beneficial, according to individual and social assessment, has its value.




The development of guidelines with me help the organization to decide with

which customers / cooperation partners or similar they want to work together

in the future. This e.g. 10 Point Plan at the SOCIAL BUSINESS level contains the values ​​and content that the organization has identified as essential to the above mentioned principles. Possible necessary compromises are defined clearly, understandably, arguably and comprehensibly.



Meaningful influencing on social media is not only a successful tool to reach

many people, but ACTUALLY changes something in our world. Which proves

that the INDIVIDUAL can stimulate something and become a multiplier to get

a wave rolling. In my personal management, I set up a content plan tailored

to the spirit of the Sencefluenzer by concretely defining the RIGHT and

IMPORTANT topics and working them out for the individual channels.

In addition, I am looking for the right products and companies that

exactly match the personality and topic in order to let the positive

impact on the environment grow together. This is how cooperations

and partnerships emerge, which, taken as a whole, stir up the

advertising world with REALITY and in the best sense revolutionize it!


Every single person, every organization can be involved partially,

individually and independently of the time frame. I support you in

finding individual projects or events that exactly fit your own ideas

and possibilities. Own events can be developed and carried out

project-related. A communication plan for social media is created.



The entire organization is committed to being a single unit for a particular
cause / project. There may of course be several. It can both come from the

staff suggestions, as well as a suitable project to be sought or created

by me. This is systematized by me according to individually elaborated
standards and then handed over to a trained employee for further care.


The benefit of social engagement is obvious and vital to a functioning future.

Being able to move as an individual, team or organization is now possible

and necessary for all and at all levels.


It does not matter how big or to what extent this takes place. The

fundamental interest to make a contribution and to take a stance is

always at the beginning to let development take place at all.

get. your. social. profile.

individuals. team. company.



To have the PRIVILEGE to be born and growing up in this

wonderful city HAMBURG and be able to call these my

HOME, fills me with pride and genuine happiness.


Straightforward, discreet, tolerant and cosmopolitan like

my city, have I also a big heart, am empathetic,
brave, creative and an avowed ANTICYCLIST.


To think outside the box, to pursue other directions

than the usual, or to "compose" the music of the future

is in my blood and is my special passion.

Another focus is my volunteer work for the all-profit organization

VIVA CON AGUA de Sankt Pauli. Here I am involved for more than

a decade, train supporters, support in the recruiting process, accompany / organize charity events and give workshops for

the honorary office. I am also the co-founder of Viva con Agua CALIFORNIA and a boardmember of Viva con Agua Arts

(responsible for creative projects like Millerntorgallery).


Wanderlust, curiosity and thirst for adventure drove me very

often into the wide world. Working in fantastic places,

traveling through foreign cultures and communication

with the most diverse people has taught me a lot.

Back the luggage full of experiences, new friends, interior

and the certainty, a HANSEATIN like me is quite cosmopolitan

and inquisitive on tour, but with no question with no city

as connected as with their hometown Hamburg.

„The reason why the people like to live here is that the people first feel, then think, then speak.“

The „Beginner“ (Music group from Hamburg). Lyrics from „City Blues.“ (Translated from German.



For a cooperation the following aspects are essential for me:

Genuine interest in authentic representation



Reliability and commitment

Promoting potential

Contribution to climate protection

Positive attitude

HUMOR and joy


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